Daily routine


On a typical school day in our Montessori private school German-Spanish-English there are only a few fixed points:

The school day begins ...

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Our children arrive at school between 7:30 and 8:30.

Once they have arrived, they decide for themselves how their day begins.

Some want to finish a job they have started, others want to garden or feed animals. And others go to the reading corner and immerse themselves in a beautiful and interesting book.

Learning in a prepared environment ...

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Umgebung



The children decide for themselves whether they want to work alone, in pairs or in groups.


They can also choose how to learn: sitting by the table, lying on the floor, crouching on the carpet, in the open air in the garden or in the fresh air on the terrace.

Following the individual rhythm ...

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Rhythmus


Every child has a different rhythm of life and therefore each one can choose by itself when and for how long it pauses. In our school room there is also a kitchen where they can have your snack.

Together in a family atmosphere ...

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Atmosphäre


The official school time ends at 12:30.

Afterwards we will have lunch together in a family atmosphere.


A few children serve the food, others decorate the table with flowers and some bring a jug of fresh water to the table.

Order is half of life ...

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Ordnung


Responsible cooperation is an essential part of our concept. After lunch, the "on-duty" group tidies up the dining area and the rest of the classroom.


Together with the teacher, the room will be prepared for the next day of school.

The afternoon - time for sport and play ...

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Nachmittag


In the afternoon we have various activities to choose:


Dancing, cooking, yoga, making music, singing, modeling, painting, sports, playing in the garden or taking a walk in the forest.

16.00 o'clock ... an eventful school day comes to an end ...

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