The team

Prof. Verónica López - founder, clerk and native speaker Spanish

Vindobona Montessori Privatschule Prof. Verónica López


Prof. Verónica López is from Lima-Perú and studied kindergarten teacher and elementary school teacher there. Since 2002 she works as a kindergarten teacher and later also as a Montessori teacher in Vienna. She is the founder, chairwoman and director of the children's groups "Sonnenkinder - Hijos del Sol", which have been represented at three different locations in Vienna since 2009. In September 2017 Prof. López founded the first Vindobona Montessori private school German-Spanish. She is a certified estate agent, dance teacher for Latin American folklore and has successfully completed her JUS degree in Lima-Perú. She is married and mother of a daughter.

Patricia Novinic - Headmistress and teacher - Bachelor of Education


Ms. Novinic is a trained Montessori teacher and elementary school teacher. She completed her teacher training successfully at the Vienna University of Education. In education to master of special education and inclusion.

She is the supervisor of the project "Many Languages - One World", which deals with the learning of foreign languages. In addition to her mother tongues of Croatian and German, she is fluent in spoken and written English. She is sporty, in education to Yoga, she loves children, guitar and music.

Soledad Carmona Gutiérrez - Elementary school teacher / children's group and afternoon carer

Ms. Carmona also comes from Chile where she completed her education as an elementary school teacher specializing in English. The concept of Maria Montessori has always fascinated and inspired her. Most recently, she successfully completed the training Marte Meo.

She has repeatedly expanded her technical knowledge in numerous further education courses.

She lives and works in Vienna for over 25 years. For 15 years she has experience with Spanish lessons for children at elementary school level.

Walkiria Izaguirre - music teacher


Ms. Izaguirre completed her first musical training in 2009 in Caracas with Benjamin Vera at the Johann Sebastian Bach Music School. This was followed by various training and engagements throughout Europe.


Since 2010 she lives and works in Vienna with children, teaches music and accompanies her pupils on stage.

Team "Hijos"



Team "Hijos" - our children - come from different countries and have different native languages. They are all radiant creatures that enrich our lives. We accompany them carefully, responsibly and mindfully and so that their radiance is preserved.

We are happy to answer all your questions - in English, Spanish and German.

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