The concept

Montessori Pedagogy

"Children should have the freedom to explore, observe and love their surroundings. Let's leave them alone."  

Maria Montessori

Montessori-Vindobona Privatschule

Prof. López – Montessori Private School Vindobona


Prof. Veronica López - Head and Chairperson of our bilingual Montessori Private School German-Spanish-English - is a qualified Montessori teacher and has been working since 2009 in our children's groups "Sonnenkinder - Hijos del Sol" with the material of Montessori.


In 2017 Prof. López followed the call for a Montessori school at the suggestion of many parents and also because of her own intention. After years of experience it was time to take a step forward. In September 2017, the first bilingual Montessori Vindobona Private School German-Spanish opens.

Holistic learning in German, Spanish and English

Our multilingual school is geared to the needs of children and promotes holistic living and learning. We accompany children from 6 to 12 years. The mixture of ages allows younger children to learn from elder ones and elder children can deepen their knowledge by explaining it to the younger ones.



In the morning our children are accompanied by German as well as Spanish or English speaking Montessori educators. Our teachers are accompanying helpers for the development of our students.


For a holistic education the young people with their individual preconditions should be offered the opportunity to become

· autonomous and authentic,

· alert and sensitive,

· alive and creative,

· critical,

· responsible,

· powerful,

in order to grow and develop to appreciative and self-confident adults.

Free work & prepared environment


Free work is a form of learning that is geared to the individual needs of the individual learner and enables the process of working independently.

Free work is self-determined learning and makes sense in a clear pedagogical context of justification.


The children decide by their own what they are dealing with. The pedagogically prepared environment is shaped on the one hand by a diverse, high-quality range of materials and on the other hand by a relaxed working atmosphere. The child-friendly presentation of the offers and the good observation of the educator help the child to decide for its favorite offer.


Our children can determine their own working rhythm and the length of employment and also whether they want to work, play or learn alone or with a partner. This free choice leads to a discipline that comes from within. This gives this quiet and relaxed working atmosphere in the free work of Montessori.

Cosmic education


The "Cosmic Education" is one of the basic principles in the Montessori pedagogy. Maria Montessori was convinced that learning should not mean giving the child incoherent knowledge from different areas of learning, but to let them experience the great context and the laws of an order within the "cosmos".


"Cosmos", for Maria Montessori, means not only the knowledge of the regularities in nature, but also the awareness of the interrelations of man and nature as well as of people among each other.


The main topic in "Cosmic Education" is to help children, to find their place in the world. If the child knows about his own "point of view" in the world, he also becomes aware of the responsibility that he has by acting in this world.

Multilingual learning German-Spanish-English


In our multilingual Montessori private school the learning of a foreign language takes place in the sense of a piece-wide conquest of the new language.

Foreign languages can be integrated effortlessly into free work through the concept of Cosmic Education. The Cosmic Education provides the children with a wide field and the most diverse starting points with a variety of materials.

"... Montessori pedagogy means to respect children in their personality, to approach them with care and to accompany them lovingly and helpfully on their developmental path. From this point of view, it is possible for children to create a 'prepared environment' where they can work according to their own personal needs, abilities and interests, an activity that is a prerequisite for development and learning..." 


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